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How a Cocktail Shaped the Future of Raleigh

Discover the fascinating history of Raleigh, North Carolina, and how a sweet cocktail known as Cherry Bounce played a pivotal role in the city’s development. From Isaac Hunter’s Tavern to Joel Lane’s home, learn how the location of the capital was decided and the legacy of these historic sites.

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Tap Yard: Your New Go-To Neighborhood Beer Garden in Raleigh

Looking for a local bar and beer garden with an outdoor oasis, a variety of drinks and an inclusive community space? Look no further than Tap Yard! Conveniently located near downtown Raleigh, Tap Yard offers something for everyone, including family and dog-friendly options, multiple bars with varying vibes and event space to host your next gathering. Discover why Tap Yard is quickly becoming one of the most popular bars in Raleigh.

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Date Night at  Beer Garden! A Great Option for Any First Date

Looking for a fun and relaxed first date spot? Consider a beer garden! This casual setting provides a wide range of drinks, an outdoor environment, a social atmosphere and food options to explore. Check out our article to learn more about why a beer garden could be the perfect choice for your next first date.

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See What Everyone is Saying About TAP YARD!

Wonderful staff, amazing ambiance, gorgeous beer garden…what more could you ask for? At Tap Yard, we are the beer garden next door that exceeds your expectations. Not sold on checking us out? Don’t take our word for it, look at some of our Google Reviews and Testimonials.

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What is a beer garden?

What Is a Beer Garden, Exactly? A beer garden is an outdoor area where beer is served, typically with seating and shade provided by trees

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Zack Medford - Owner of Tap Yard In Raleigh

Meet Zack Medford

Meet the Owner: How the Tap Yard Came to Be There’s a new beer garden in town, and the owner has a history! Zack Medford,

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