What is a beer garden?

What Is a Beer Garden, Exactly?

A beer garden is an outdoor area where beer is served, typically with seating and shade provided by trees or umbrellas. It’s a place where people gather to socialize, relax and enjoy a variety of beers in a scenic and informal setting. Beer gardens originated in the Bavarian region of Germany. Seen as an extension of the brewery, the concept was developed due to fire regulations. Local law forbade breweries from making beer during the summer months due to the fires caused by the overheating brewing equipment. To combat those laws, 19th-century breweries expanded their cellars to have more beer storage that would last through the summer months and moved the festivities outside.

American Beer Gardens

In the 1800’s German and European immigrants brought their beer-making traditions with them, and so came the idea of open beer halls and gardens. These communal, outdoor, airy spaces helped German immigrants preserve their identity and heritage while introducing their saloon-loving American counterparts to a new way of enjoying a beer.

Why are Beer Gardens so Cool?

Besides being open to the natural elements, beer gardens are considered “cool” because they provide a great atmosphere to enjoy nature and a good drink. They also have

Outdoor setting: Enjoying a beer in an outdoor setting surrounded by nature and fresh air adds to the overall experience.

  • Social atmosphere: Beer gardens are often lively and energetic, creating a social atmosphere where people can relax and connect with friends, family or make new acquaintances.
  • Variety of beers: Beer gardens usually offer a selection of different beers, allowing patrons to try new types and flavors.
  • Casual vibe: Beer gardens typically have a relaxed, casual vibe, making them a great place to unwind and forget about daily stressors.

Overall, beer gardens offer a unique combination of outdoor ambiance, a social atmosphere and various beer options, making them a popular and enjoyable place to spend time.

Tap Yard: Beer Garden Setting

Located just outside Historic downtown Raleigh, Tap Yard is an inclusive and collaborative community bar space dedicated to pouring drinks and embracing good times. With over an acre of land, Tap Yard is the ideal space to  

  • Be surrounded by people who love craft beer
  • Enjoy a full wine, spirits and signature cocktail menu
  • Bring your furry friends along to sip on Mason’s Good Dog Beer– the Tap Yard’s own non-alcoholic beer formulated specifically for dogs
  • Listen to live music and indulge in outstanding local food truck cuisine in the outdoor Beer Garden
  • Amble through the two spacious indoor bars (Cocktail/Bourbon Bar and Beer Hall)
  • Embrace the beautiful North Carolina weather while playing classic yard games with friends and family
  • Support local artisans and relish in good company

No matter your drinking preferences, pull up a stool and enjoy a cold beverage at one of our three bars!

Bring Your Friends and Your Furry Friend

As a neighborhood beer garden and bar, we go the extra mile to accommodate our patrons. With outdoor seating for pooches and people, we are family and pet-friendly during the day. We even brew our own beer just for dogs. Enjoy our rotating food truck lineup and tasty eats while appreciating good conversations with those you love.

Come Check Us Out!

Wonderful staff, amazing ambiance, gorgeous beer garden…what more could you ask for? At Tap Yard, we are the beer garden next door that exceeds your expectations. To stay in the know, check out our upcoming schedule and make plans to join us! Or, sign up for our newsletter and get exclusive offers and invites.

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